bits and pieces

2013-02-10 21.23.34 Just thought you should know that Jon can do this. (But not put clothes in the hamper, apparently.)2013-03-03 13.24.38Will you look at the face of that sweet child? She’s about eleven, and a special soul. Love participating in a baptism.
2013-04-09 20.26.01 Sam joined the choir this semester, and is hands-down the most enthusiastic member. He loves it. He has also grown several inches the past six months, which is fun to watch. (And the curves in his spine are stable, thank goodness.)2013-04-14 16.35.21 Making meatloaf on a Sunday afternoon.DSC_0032Wacky Tacky Day at school. To tell the truth, he was pretty mortified by the leg warmers (Mary’s) but I convinced him that without them, he was only tacky. Which isn’t wacky, and isn’t fun. Oh, the joys of middle school.

Speaking of leg warmers, my sister Anne has a fun new business, Penny & Tillie. Cute leg warmers are surprisingly hard to find online and hers are super affordable and fun!


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