the girl is 7!

IMG_4899 IMG_4904 DSC_0018Mary turned seven in January — can you tell that life is never dull with this girl around? We had a big, big party in our backyard for her birthday. Lots of kids, food, water games, swimming…. it was both fun and exhausting. I should have handed someone else my camera as usual.

Mary, as it turns out, has tons of personality. She can be a little demanding, but really, wouldn’t any girl in a family full of stinky boys think, “Well, this is really all about me”? In any event, she certainly holds her own. She isn’t me. I was always a pleaser and wanted everyone to think I was perfect. She is ebullient and social and occasionally out of control. I have had probably five different moms tell me, “Oh, my daughter just loves Mary — she is her favorite friend!” Also a couple of boys in her class want to marry Mary.

At seven, her reading has taken off and we are exploring chapter books. She loves the humor of “Junie B.” but I wonder if the sass is what she needs! I’m trying to steer her towards gentler characters. She loves to create things and has a terrible time keeping her room clean as a result. Her swimming really clicked this summer, and I love watching her do things that make her feel brave and strong.

She went to the father-daughter dance with Matt last Friday (pictures coming) and I got a glimpse of the silly fun things we have to look forward to. Helping her pick a dress (one we already had) and decide what to do with her hair, and then taking pictures of a child who would have posed for hours, I realized how lucky I am to have a girl to get ready for the prom one day (not thinking about weddings.. that will just make me tear up).

2013-02-01 19.32.24Love you, dear Mary. Can’t believe the next one is big 8!


3 thoughts on “the girl is 7!

  1. Robin

    I can see why she and Lily get along so great together–very similar personalities! Looking forward to getting those two together again in a few months! Happy birthday Mary!


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