Christmas Day

IMG_4851We tried to set our kids’ expectations LOW about Christmas morning — the trip was our main Christmas present, right? Santa brought this little tree and one gift per person, plus a few books.DSC_0005The stockings weren’t lavish, but they were filled with American candy that Vicki brought in her suitcase, so everyone was happy.IMG_1083



DSC_0019Looks like we did ok with the gifts. I mean Santa did. Or whatever.DSC_0001 (2)Matt wanted to go to the beach, but the kids were more interested in relaxing…. (Can you believe the paint in this apartment? Rio is very expensive, and these apartments we rented were perfectly adequate and near the beach, but wow was the decor ugly.)DSC_0031


DSC_0027We did spend some time at the big pool downstairs.DSC_0007 (2)

DSC_0003 (2)This tiny pool the balcony was our own private play area — fun!IMG_0286We ended the day at The Hobbit, while Granny stayed home with the littles. I’m not going to lie, not my favorite movie. Too much fighting for me. But the boys all loved it and it was the perfect end for Christmas Day.


One thought on “Christmas Day

  1. Robin

    haha! That’s funny! I was like, has Liz been living with that terrible faux finish job all this time? That doesn’t sound like her…But you can bear anything for a few days, right? Your Christmas looked VERY different from ours! Do you have a hard time having Christmas without it being cold and snowy?


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