IMG_0125On Sunday, midway through our week in Rio, we took the ferry across the bay to Niteroi. This is not a trip for tourists, but a commuter ferry — during the week thousands of people would be on it each morning and evening. Sunday morning, it was relatively empty and a beautiful ride.IMG_0127 IMG_0132 IMG_0135 IMG_4825We were in Niteroi to visit these wonderful people — Paulo Grahl and his wife, Zuleika (love that name). When Matt was a missionary in Brazil, 20 years ago, they presided over his mission. He has seen them a couple of times since, but they were so happy to see him again, and to visit with his mother Vicki, who was traveling with us. IMG_4827 IMG_4828The Grahls’ daughter married one of Matt’s brother Andrew’s mission companions (everybody follow that?). He’s the tall one above. Their five kids were a lot more patient in the heat than ours were!IMG_0116Interesting to me that the Grahls were around our age when they served as mission president. The beautiful daughter just to the left of Sister Grahl above was born AFTER their mission. They would have worked with hundreds of young adults all those years ago, but we could tell how very much they loved Matt. Lovely, lovely people.


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