a little catch-up

We’ve been home for a week from our trip of a lifetime to Machu Picchu, and I’ve finally downloaded the pictures and caught up on the laundry. And the sleep. A little photo-share before I start the vacation posts…

There was a week when Sam got his braces off, and Ben got his on.

Sam turned 15, and hoo-boy are we fine with living in a country where the driving age is 18. Let’s just put that off as long as possible, shall we? Also, that may be my best Texas Sheet Cake ever — I was in a hurry and poured the frosting on while the cake was still hot (the recipe says frost while “warm”) and it compacted the cake into a divine fudgy/brownie-like consistency. And look Mom! I remembered my sweet candle-holders. They are as old as I am but the company still makes them — aren’t they charming?(That second pic is kind of pathetic, but I worked so hard to get it! Crazy photog parents!) Mary had her first cheerleading competition. Cheer is not my first-choice activity for her for several reasons, but she really wanted to try it and I must admit she’s darling in the uniform. I’m all for the discipline required to learn a routine, and they work pretty hard for first graders, but the competitions are not my favorite — they are intolerably LONG and LOUD.Yummy! If you would like your taco salad with eggs and peas and pickles, you should head right down here to Chile. This restaurant has great burgers but the salads? Not so much.Cute Thomas had preschool olympics — he’s in “sala blanca”.We skipped Halloween — second year in a row — for our trip but made it to a little school carnival before we left. Not sure which is scarier — zombie cheerleader or vampire spiderman.


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