bike rodeo

When we moved to Chile, I thought maybe we’d be taking a little break from scouting — I had already been helping with cubs for years, and don’t even want to think about some of Matt’s “interesting” experiences over the years as a boy scout leader. Maybe a break would be ok…However, it turned out that our international school had an active, thriving cub scout pack, and I’ve been a den leader ever since we arrived. We’ve met wonderful people as a result, and have some fun new scouting ideas.

I know other packs have bike rodeos, but we’d never been to one before we moved to Chile. It’s an annual tradition here, and a great idea. Relatively low-key, and if you have a few enthusiastic biking parents, a piece of cake to plan. Everyone really enjoys it. Our cubs usually have three or four stations — bike maintenance, road safety, an obstacle course, and maybe a game. After they rotate through, they have a little snack and then go for a ride together. We have our rodeo at a nearby park under a wisteria arbor (you can see it above) — how fun is that?

(I know, that helmet isn’t doing the job very well.) We do webelos in fourth and fifth grades here, so Jonathan is in his final year as a cub, and we’ll have a four-year hiatus from cubs before Thomas begins scouting. Not to worry, I’ve already been roped into helping with girl scouts for the girls Mary’s age!Our older boys are registered as “lone scouts” and I am their leader, which has given me even more respect for scoutmasters the world over. They want to continue towards the Eagle rank and it’s a lot of work! Next year, we’ll have our own little patrol with all three brothers.

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