Matt’s birthday

Matt had a birthday in September, and we celebrated the day with another field trip into the city. He and the kids hadn’t ever been to the giant fruit and vegetable market known as “la vega”.Aren’t the spices beautiful? I’d love to take a bunch of pictures of this amazing place, but we stick out enough there, and this is the kind of place where you’re somewhat likely to have your purse grabbed, so we walked through fairly quickly.We made our way to this Peruvian restaurant for lunch. I know I’ve said this before, but Peruvian food is the best. You should seek it out whenever you have a chance.A proud moment for parents — Sam tried the “tiraditos” which, like ceviche, are made with raw fish, and loved them. They are delicious.After lunch, we headed to Santiago’s national art museum. We’ve been meaning to check out this museum for about two years, and our kids were positive we were torturing them. I had to keep reminding them that they get to choose what to do on their birthdays, and this is what Matt wanted to do!It’s a fairly small museum, and you can only take photos in the main hall, which has this lovely architecture. In some of the other galleries, we had interesting discussions with the boys about the reasons for and appropriateness of nudity in art, as well as answering the classic question about modern art — “Why is that art? I could make that!” Matt and I both really love art museums — we should torture our kids more often.Back home, our kids are always super-impressed that Matt can put his candle out with his fingers. They are easily impressed. Isn’t he aging well? Look honey, you can’t even see your grey hairs in these pictures!We are a little obsessed with chocolate-mint brownies right now. I use my sister Kathryn’s recipe, but it’s similar to this one. A happy ending to a happy day.


3 thoughts on “Matt’s birthday

  1. Julie Snow

    What I would like to know is exactly what you told them were the “reasons for and appropriateness of nudity in art”. I agree with you but what are the words you say?

    1. liz Post author

      Julie, I don’t know how good a job I did, since this was on the fly and not planned. I think I mentioned the idea that artists study the human form, which is difficult to do with clothing, and that they are celebrating the beauty of the body. Also, different styles of art have been explored in different times periods, so what seems embarrassing for us, may have felt normal and natural at the time it was created. For the older ones, we talked about how some art is sexually explicit, which I don’t necessarily find acceptable (this museum had a couple of examples of that, which we walked right by without stopping!), while many nudes are not sexual in nature. Teenagers can totally understand that. That’s all I can remember from that day, but I’m sure there are other people who know a lot more about this!

      1. Julie Snow

        Ok, that was really good – especially the part about sexually explicit vs nudes celebrating the human body. Good job – I am right there with you. Keep it simple but explain it without just hoping they can figure it out themselves, or worse sheltering them completely from it.


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