if you came to visit me

Felices Fiestas Patrias! Today is Chile’s birthday, and all over Chile, people are having a big asado (barbecue) or they are celebrating at a fondo (gathering at a park with booths, etc.) or they are at the beach or some other vacation spot. Sadly, it is raining here, so we’re home, waiting to see if it clears up. Maybe it makes me a pansy, but I don’t want to be somewhere far from our car with five kids in a downpour.

So in celebration of Chile’s birthday, I wanted you to see what we could do in an afternoon if you came to see me in Chile. Really, why don’t you come?

We would ride on the subway, which I know is everyday stuff for many people around the world, but still feels like an adventure to my kids.We could have lunch at Mercado Central, where the restaurant guys yell out to you in their four English phrases, trying to get you to choose their establishment.You could even order this giant crab (we didn’t — our cute waiter just brought him over for the photo op).Then we would wander through the fish market — this is in the same building as the restaurants — exotic, slimy, and stinky. Mercado Central is equal parts touristy and authentic.We would wander over to the Plaza de Armas, which is never boring. This day there was a big parade for Bolivian Independence Day.We’d end the day with gelato, of course. Aren’t you tempted?


4 thoughts on “if you came to visit me

  1. Julie Snow

    I would love to bring my clan over to visit and meet your kiddos and hang out in Chile! Someday? How long do you guys plan to live there? I need to go back through your letters and keep track of all your moves – how long have you been in Chile now? Fun times, good memories for you and your kids, I would think… Thanks for all the updates – I love to follow you too, old friend :)

    1. liz Post author

      Julie, wouldn’t that be so fun? We think we’re here until June 2014, but it’s a little uncertain. As much as we’d love to have you in Chile, it’s probably a little easier for you to come see us in Utah!


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