family picture

Taking a family picture is kind of a lot of work. There are decisions to be made, and making decisions is the kind of work that doesn’t feel very productive, yet is harder than actual work. Who will take the picture? When? Where? What will everyone wear? And then, if you’re me, you’ll consult the internet for ideas, at which point your head will explode. Even if you can decide on a plan, there’s still shopping to do. I know khaki pants and a blue shirt don’t seem like they’d be hard to decide on and shop for, but believe me when I tell you that finding any kind of outfit for seven people takes hours. And who is the hardest one to shop for in this group? That would be me.

And then there’s the work of the actual photo shoot, which mostly involves not getting mad at anyone and making them cry. And also trying to coax a natural smile out of seven people at the same time. Et cetera. It’s work for the photographer, but for the parents too, right?

So after all of that, I’m always pretty thrilled if we get any photos that we like. Brianne took these at Bear Lake, and I think she did a beautiful job. We almost had to scrub the shoot, which we only had a 36-hour window of time for, because of rain, but then, the clouds lifted and we rushed everyone into their clothes before the sun went down. Great thing about a photo shoot at Bear Lake — you can use a raspberry shake to bribe kids to smile!

Family photos are worth the effort. When I’m having a long day, I can look at these and remember how lovely these children are, and why I do all of the things I do. And if you really need a boost, post said family photos on Facebook, where people will feel obligated to say nice things about them. I know it’s silly, but sometimes it helps…


8 thoughts on “family picture

  1. Christine

    I LOVE your dress. It’s very feminine and makes you look beautiful. Good job Mom! Your family has grown since we last saw each other….you have a great looking family. Say hi to Matt too!

    1. liz Post author

      Christine — you are so kind. I ordered that dress online and was beyond thrilled that it fit so well! We miss you guys! One of these days we’re going to come see you in lovely California.

  2. Valerie Salin

    I don’t feel obligated….I LOVE these photos. Great choice of colors and all. And yes, it’s so hard to getting for family pictures – but so worth it.

  3. Amy

    I’m sure you don’t regret all the work for a second–these are beautiful. Oh, and Elizabeth, I have that exact same dress! So if we want to take a friends picture sometime, we won’t need to do any shopping at all. :) I miss you.


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