the lower lights

Something fun and unprecedented happened to me a few weeks ago. I got an email from someone doing publicity for The Lower Lights‘ new album. Since I had mentioned their first album here, I assume my blog came up in a search, and would I like to receive a free copy of the new album to review?

What I did not say is, “Sure, but you know that only 11 people read my blog, right?”

What I did say is, “Heck yes, I love free stuff. Send it on over.”

Also, you might be interested to know that I almost never listen to country music, and find most of it gag-inducing. The first time I got interested in anything resembling bluegrass, which isn’t exactly the same thing as country, was after we saw “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou.” You bought that album too, right? A few years later, I bought the Dixie Chicks bluegrass album “Home”, and it continues to be a favorite. You might have missed that one if you’re a Republican (do you remember that scandal?). I think that’s honestly all of the bluegrass I own, and I don’t think my itunes carries a lick of country.

All of that was to say, it’s kind of funny that I’m writing this review. I’m open to bluegrass, but I have to be in the right mood, and it can be a little too “Hee Haw” for me sometimes. BUT I love, love, love The Lower Lights. This album features some interesting song choices — several are not in our hymnal — and I truly think it would appeal to a Christian of any persuasion who also enjoys a little bluegrass. Many are mellow and folky, which is exactly my cup of tea. I think you will like this album and I think you should buy it. How’s that for a review?


One thought on “the lower lights

  1. Tag Along

    Good hear from you.  Looking into the one album.  I won’t have any Dixie Chicks in my home for their anti- American stands when my kids were in harms way.  E   Elie Standard, SLP Grammytag




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