a wedding

I know some people dread going to weddings, but I always love them. I feel privileged to be included in someone’s most special day, and here in Chile it is extra fun to see what the celebration is like. This wedding was for Dean and Angela — he is from the U.K., and she is Peruvian but has lived here in Chile for a long time. She will be moving to Birmingham and is working on her English! Brave girl.We loved being with the family in the temple — the important part.Traditional dancers entertained us, and even the bride did “La Cueca”, the national dance of Chile. This type of show seems to be the norm for a wedding here. There was also a full meal — Peruvian — which was served around 11 PM.Love these people.

Most of you reading this have probably been to a Mormon wedding reception in the US, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me — 99% of them are BORING. (Yes, that includes mine.) I’ve always blamed this on the fact that we do not drink. Makes sense, right? At most weddings people have some champagne, they loosen up a little, and they dance and have a great time. Well guess what? South Americans definitely do not need alcohol to party. There were people of all ages dancing at this wedding, and they were having a great time. Until 4 AM! I should have taken some pictures of the dancing, but we were too busy dancing!

We left at about 2:00, but it took us forever to get our car, which had been boxed in by other party-ers — seriously, there are parking skills that most of us in the states just never have to learn. The Chilean woman we were giving a ride home to knew just what to do to get our van turned around in a tiny space, and then Matt pulled it down a long alley between other cars and a wall, with only a couple of inches on each side. It made me queasy just watching him. Never a dull moment!


3 thoughts on “a wedding

  1. Robin

    The reason our mormon weddings are so boring is the reception line! You invite every Tom, Dick and Harry that you barely know so that everyone spends an hour waiting to talk to the bride and groom for two minutes, and then sits down at a table to have a snack, and leaves. If I were going to get married again, I would kill the reception line (we were standing in line the whole three hours), reduce the guest list just to people that we actually cared about, and have a real party with entertainment and dancing!

  2. liz

    Robin, exactly. The problem is, if you don’t invite everyone, which is the tradition in Mormon circles, you are going to hurt people’s feelings. I know this because my cousin did it, and her mom got tearful/offended phone calls from people in her ward/stake for weeks! We went to one reception in Utah where they had a really fun dinner the night before for closer friends, then a reception with the line the night of the wedding. Expensive, but a possible solution? I’m going to figure this out before Sam gets married! Why not have fun?

  3. Alison

    Since I’ve never been to a Mormon or a Chilean wedding I can’t compare. I hope I get to a Chilean one before I finally leave here! In Scotland there is usually whisky, of course, but while that’s important, it’s the dancing that makes the wedding. I guess the whisky loosens people up enough to start the dancin’, but the dancin’ is what gets people really going.
    I’ve never been to a Free Presbyterian (a rather srict version of presbyterianism that doesnt even let kids play on a Sunday) wedding either and I don’t think they drink, but I bet they still have a hoolie. I must ask someone.
    My horizons obviously need widening!


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