it’s good to be a kid

We love our Santiago winter. There are some very cold days, but they are interspersed with mild ones. Here we are in July (our January, mind you) at our little park — I love Mary’s monkey bar skills.

Just before school started, Mary and I went with her friend Melissa and her mom, my friend Tracy, to an amazing new place. Kidzania is like a miniature city for kids. It has Disneyland-level details — a sky painted with clouds, storefronts that look like the real thing, a miniature ambulance driving around with sirens on, and employees who are trained to help kids have an amazing experience. They get a “paycheck” when they enter, and they can go to the bank to cash it. Then they have “cash” to pay for food and experiences. If they run out of money, they can go to the employment office and get a job — delivering packages, being a paramedic, doing nails, you name it.Shopping at the local grocery store.Mary and Melissa tried “washing windows”, really a climbing wall — very cool.We spent some time in the art shop.Popsicles taste even better when you get to make them yourself.That is a tired little man.

A few weeks later, we were getting our faces painted again, this time at a birthday party. This was a party for a one-year-old, but that didn’t stop his parents from putting out a full spread for the adults and the kids, and hiring an entertainment company to entertain…We’re trying not to spoil our kids, but it’s kind of hard here in Chile where there’s lots of fun to be had, all of the time!


2 thoughts on “it’s good to be a kid

  1. Robin

    That kid place looks like a blast! The closest we have is the children’s museum, and it looks like it’s not anywhere as cool as that.


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