more family reunion highlights

I’m off my blogging game once again, but determined to get caught up. Busy with a couple of big, big things that I’ll share in the future. In the meantime, the final pictures of our fun Lambert family reunion at Bear Lake.There was a parade of nations. We were Chile, naturally.There was a lot of frolicking. Do you think these two look like they might be related?Some fun, silly games.More beachy fun.This is Bear Lake’s North Beach — doesn’t it look like the ocean? A gorgeous day there. That’s Jon, with his awesome Uncle Chris.This group is only together once a year these days, and it always feels special. Matt’s mom used to dress them in matching vests for musical performances, not unlike the Von Trapps. That last picture shows they’ve still got it — I think most of them could still sing, “We need a little Christmas,” complete with actions. Next year, let’s have a performance!
A bunch of us stopped in Logan on the way home, and the waiter suggested this 36-inch pizza! What a fun idea, and tasty too.

All in all, a great week. Living so far away, we appreciate our family relationships even more. Mary, especially, misses her cousins keenly. See you next year!


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