Bear Lake 2012 — part 1

Hey, remember how I’m always bad about taking enough pictures? We found the solution to that problem on this trip. We got a new fun camera (a low-end DSLR from Costco) and Matt thought he would play around with it. We haven’t even figured out what you can really do with that thing (we’re just using it on auto mode), but we took 263 pictures in a week! How the heck do I blog that?

FYI for people not acquainted with Utah — Bear Lake is the closest Utahns come to a real beach. Or I guess you can go south to Lake Powell. Anyway, it’s a popular vacation spot with a huge lake and although it isn’t surrounded by forest, like our beloved Oregon lakes, it is still a very pretty place. Our first day on the lake, we rented a ski boat. Matt and his brothers took turns driving and kids took turns riding the inner tube all day.This is Sam. There are a bunch of shots like this because Matt was trying to catch some action with his new toy/camera.And there’s the action shot. I’m pretty sure that’s Ben.Here’s my whitey-white self. I was streaky-pink later that day. Darn spray sunscreen. Also, this is why my children have braces. My teeth aren’t horrible, but at some angles, total hillbilly. I’m vain enough to complain about that, but not enough to get braces as an adult. I know, they’re not that bad.Kids and sand. Never not fun. We also had a paddle boat and a canoe. Oh, and two canopies for shade, which made the day much more fun and relaxing. Excellent first beach day.


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