more fun in Oregon

Remember how I was horribly sick for our week in Oregon? Didn’t take so many pictures. The big heroes of that week were my mother, and my sister-in-law Jill, who did awesome and amazing things with and for my kids. It seems wrong that I don’t have a picture of either of them. Here’s what I do have…Jill and I took all 12 of these kids (aren’t they cute kids?) to beautiful Lithia Park in Ashland. My neurotic self spent the entire time counting heads. The kids had a ball:I loved this place when I was a kid.On a different day, I took these three boys on a walking tour of historic Jacksonville, to satisfy a Boy Scout requirement. They weren’t too disappointed when we realized the battery on my iPhone (we were streaming the self-guided tour accompaniment) was dying. They all had a great attitude when I suggested we stop for slurpies on the way home.Who’s that tall kid in the 90s wetsuit? My nephew Seamus drove with us from Utah, and was with us all week. He’s just a year older than Sam, but is a head taller than the tallest of us. He’s fun to have around and also handy for reaching high things. Riding on Grandpa’s boat was a great way to finish our week. We spent just one day at the lake this year, but it was a great day. Next year, two weeks for sure! (And Jill, don’t let me forget to get more pictures from you — mine were so few!)


3 thoughts on “more fun in Oregon

  1. home2learn

    what great pictures! so many beautiful children :) i loved getting to see you during your visit – what an incredible night with dear “old” friends! hugs, friend.

  2. liz Post author

    Em, why didn’t I get a good picture of the four of us? I loved it too — next year, more of the same, but with pictures! I actually think it would be fun to get our families together….


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