end of school moments

Sam and Ben completed the year with an all-school swim meet. It was a delightful experience. Many events meant that all of the kids placed and received medals. Ben noticed during sign-ups that no one in his age group had elected to swim the 400 meter freestyle, and quickly decided that he would be the gold medal winner in that event. During the meet, he swam alongside much older swimmers, and as he finished the 16 laps alone, everyone cheered him in. Sam had some great moments as well. Swim team is one of the best things I’ve ever made them do.We finally decided to invest in a nice camera this summer, and this picture illustrates why we wanted one. Sam walking in for his 8th grade graduation. Can you find him? Did I need a zoom lens or what?
It’s possible that the ceremony was a little boring…I think he’s really, really cute. And such a good kid.Mary loved her little after school dance class and her sweet teachers.
Sam and Ben both completed an “Inter-Disciplinary Unit” which culminated their middle school year. Here’s Ben with his Mercury Poisoning presentation. (I didn’t have a good pic of Sam’s.)Jon and his friends performed a very clever puppet show in Spanish class.He also worked hard on this year-end country presentation.Mary had wonderful friends this year, and a stellar kindergarten teacher — Ms. Debra. A great year for her. I always feel emotional about the end of kindergarten. It feels like the end of early childhood, and then you have to start growing up.


One thought on “end of school moments

  1. julie

    Your kids look so grown up! They are obviously happy! I love that picture of Sam–he is almost taller than his dad!!


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