ten pictures

We’re just back from our amazing trip home — actually, we call Chile home now, so what should we call our trip? — and school starts in two weeks. Time for an update, but the volume seems more than overwhelming, so I have an idea to share 10 pictures a day. Here we go.

I posted about my birthday last time, but I left out this picture. I know some day we’ll look back at birthday pictures as a time capsule — the cake Mary wanted to help with, our last fussy baby (not really a baby any more), slightly awkward tweens/teens (you can see the outline of Sam’s back brace), and Matt looking young as ever.This picture, made by one of Mary’s kindergarten classmates, made me smile every time I saw it. What on earth did it say? “Go Derol”? I finally asked one day, and it turns out it says “Golden Rule”. I hope they’re not all too disappointed when their first grade teachers make them learn the real spellings for words — I’ll kind of miss the made-up ones.This time of year always means saying goodbye to amazing friends. It’s kind of hard to imagine life in Chile without some of these people — especially Rick, the photo-bomber.Sam had a fabulous experience in his middle school “Grease Jr.” production. He was Doody and sang “Those Magic Changes.” We all loved watching him and everyone learned the songs. The man who sat next to me the second night said that Sam had “great comic timing” which I thought was a wonderful compliment for someone his age.And one last birthday lunch before two of these women left us. These are special friendships — when you make a new home so far from your friends and family, you give and receive a lot of support. Love all of these ladies.

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