One month left of school, and we’re a little busy and a little draggy. We’ve just come through our annual two-week anniversary/my birthday/Mother’s Day festival and Matt came out looking pretty good. Treats and prizes included, but weren’t limited to, a kid-less sushi lunch, gelato, an orchid, chocolate chip waffles in bed, a Chilean angora wrap, roses, Mr. Jack hamburgers with the whole family, and one million darling homemade items from my children. Matt didn’t feel any pressure at all, did you dear?

Besides all of that,
Mary completed swimming lessons in our fancy new school poolwhile Thomas and Jonathan looked on.Jon displayed remarkable fortitude at a church activity for 8-11 year olds all over the area, where no one else we knew showed up. I had to convince him to stay, but then he dug in and got the job done.We played around with Instagram. I’m fairly sure I don’t get it.Thomas played alone at the park.Thomas played with his buddy at a different park.Thomas sang an elephant song at his preschool Mother’s Day program.And, everyone ate a giant hamburger for my birthday. (The truth is, I’d have preferred Thai or maybe Indian food, but I also preferred not to listen to whining on my birthday, so hamburgers it was. Yes I know we haven’t properly trained our children’s palates.) Oh, and I’m down to only four more weeks of P90x. Wait until you see my amazing muscles! Just kidding, I’m pretty sure no one is going to notice a difference.


2 thoughts on “lately

  1. Julie Snow

    What a crazy busy time! We have that whole busy two-week thing too but instead of my birthday it is my 11-yr old’s (he was due on our anniversary). So May 3 b-day, May 6 anniversary, then Mother’s Day.

    Your oldest son reminds me of my oldest (15) eating that hamburger with intensity!

  2. Kira

    Glad you had fun! Aaron pulled off b-day and mother’s day pretty well too! Our poor husbands I don’t think they realize how crazy it will be when they marry those of us with May birthdays!


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