week in pictures

Middle School Spirit Week silliness.

Feeling a little homesick lately. Sure sign — surfing the Utah real estate pages. Also really tired of being hot. It is fall here, but still so, so hot in the afternoon. And I miss celebrating the coming of Spring in conjunction with the Easter holiday — the symbolism of new life is perfect for our contemplation of resurrection. Here, the leaves are falling. Also, no Cadbury Cream Eggs, though a kind friend brought some American Easter candy. Really, no reason to complain. Just looking forward to our home visit — only 2 months (and a little) away! My handsome men on the way to Priesthood Meeting.“Arts in Action” celebration at school. Love the pageantry and the celebration of the visual arts (Sam painted his own bird wings, and Jonathan made his bird) together with the performing arts. Really, an impressive tradition. I’m kicking myself for not taking a picture of this high school student who performed the finale — a boy dancer/gymnast/aerialist on a ring who was amazing. (Like maybe he could be in Cirque de Soleil after graduation.)Matt was overdue for new eyewear, and discovered that with newer/better/thinner contact lenses his sensitive, dry eyes can be glasses-free! (The contacts are in the mail.) Also bought these new frames which are a little more hipster/Clark Kent. What do you think? (I’m just happy that he went with new glasses and not a sports car.)And the requisite egg dying. The kids really love doing this — one of these years I’m going to blow some eggs out so we can keep them on display. We hiked Cerro Manquehue, or part of it, on Good Friday. In retrospect, not a very good hike for kids. Still fun though, and then we came home to watch “The Ten Commandments” which our kids hadn’t seen before. They actually liked it a lot, and I think this may become a new Easter tradition. (Wow, is that thing campy!) Happy Easter to all!


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