one month down…

I’m starting week 5 of P90x (big pat on the back for myself) but I just can’t shake the feeling that I’m working out with Phil Dunphy:


Is it just me? Tony Horton’s jokes aren’t funny either. But, lots of different workouts means you don’t have to hear the same jokes every day — more like once a week. I like it. I haven’t been perfectly on schedule the last couple of weeks, because I still struggle to fit it into my day — really, you need two hours of uninterrupted time including the (necessary!) shower.

When I started this little experiment, I wanted to see how fit I could get, and to be perfectly honest, I wanted to see what we could do about the last little bit of “baby belly” that I still have after #5. I never really understood why anyone would want to have a tummy tuck until about my fourth baby. Oh, now I get it. The good news is, I think the program really is making a difference. Not planning to post any actual pictures of my abdominal area, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Also, as I head into my late 30s, I have a strong desire not to develop those “flaggy” upper arms that women get. This program does lots of work on your arms and shoulders, and is definitely going to help with that. And since I started out not being able to do a proper pull-up nor a proper push-up, we’re going to see some dramatic changes in my strength, which is pretty fun.

And now that I’m feeling really shallow and vain, I’ll say that I really do feel good (besides one tiny nagging spot on my lower back…) and that I believe that we are stewards over our bodies, which are a literal gift from God. As I’m trying out this rather intense program, I can see how the body could quickly become an obsession, and something to worship or to improperly prioritize. Something to think about and to teach our children — how to honor and care for our bodies, without elevating their importance. Any thoughts on this, friends?


3 thoughts on “one month down…

  1. Jodi

    So proud of you! I confess, I am a P90X slacker. Made it through about the first month, started again and never stuck. I have been running though and am enjoying that but do need to get back to the weight, ab and yoga at least (the later is my least favorite which seems strange?! I think it’s just because it’s so long and the first series of exercises seems to last forever).

  2. home2learn

    i am so impressed and inspired by your posts about working out, liz! thank you. i have heard many great things about P90X and am imagining … at what seems like a very distant time in the future, after having this baby in the fall! … that this would be a GREAT program for me. totally appeals to me in so many ways. i was just getting in an exercise groove before getting pregnant and now am watching (although joyfully pregnant!!) my body turn to looking squishy and fat (gotta love that in-between stage) i am fantasizing about “getting my body back”, someday. thanks for inspiring!!!


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