a double wedding

We crossed, “attend a double wedding” off of our bucket list last week. These sisters are two members of a family from church, a family which we dearly love. And (I always want to know these details) they are both mid-thirties, both served as LDS missionaries, and neither have ever been married.  I think maybe we should hang around with Peruvians more often — look how tall we look! (Kind of pasty white though, and my farmer tan is a little sad.) Actually, only the women are Peruvian. Patty’s new husband, Juan Pablo, is Dominican. Isn’t he handsome? I think he looks like a movie star.And Edita’s new husband, Manuel, is from Mexico. Can you tell from their faces in this picture what dear, dear people they both are? Edita worked in our home for a while last year while our nana was on maternity leave and I just love her. She asked Matt and I to be the legal witnesses for the wedding, which was truly an honor. During the process, it occurred to me that her Spanish is even harder for me to understand than is typical (not sure why) and therefore, I’ve never had a completely coherent conversation with her. Experiences like this are teaching me a lot about what loving people really means.I wish I had taken more pictures at the reception, because they made our little church building look really lovely. When our kids walked in, their jaws dropped.

Wedding preparations and events made the week a busy one, but a great one. I know I always say this, but we feel so lucky to be here.


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