mothering moments

Feeling sad this morning because my easy-going, charms-everyone-he-meets, beautiful baby boy has suddenly become a screams-at-the-top-of-his-lungs-whenever-he-doesn’t-get-what-he-wants nightmare. He skipped the terrible twos, but at three, his temper has arrived with a vengeance. I know this is normal child development, and that what he needs is calmness, patience, and consistency. But I’m still sad about the screaming (and it hurts my ears).

I am trying to be positive, and here’s something. My firstborn has become the kind of kid who, after a long afternoon of activities, can muscle through homework independently until 11 PM, and then GET HIMSELF UP at 6:00 AM to finish the last little bit. He is also learning the songs from Grease for the middle school musical, and isn’t too embarrassed to sing them for his mother. The geeky-ness is staving off the girls thus far, but one of these days (hopefully not too soon) they’re going realize how adorable he is. And he never (like really never) screams at me.


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