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I think I mentioned that I’m trying p90x (1 week down, 12 to go!) and in case you didn’t know, it’s a 90 day fitness program — they call it “extreme home fitness.” I want to write a little bit about the program, partly because whenever I have a question about it, I google and come up with all of these people who have signed up for their affiliate program and are trying to sell their products. I’m more interested in regular folks like me, and what their experience has been, so here’s what I’m thinking, for what its worth.

After a week, I’m definitely feeling it in terms of soreness, as well as in terms of energy expended. I could never have done this while pregnant or nursing a baby. But I feel good — I want to be somewhat sore, so I know I’m accomplishing something. Here’s what I’m wondering this morning. I am committed to sticking this out for the full three months, mostly as an experiment to see what it can really do for my body, but part of me thinks it’s way too much, particularly in terms of my time. P90x asks you to work out for nearly an hour and a half, six days a week, so 8+ hours a week. (In my regular non-extreme world, I think 4 hours per week should be enough.) It’s a pretty big percentage of my waking time. What do you think? How much of your time do you spend exercising? From a life philosophy/clear priorities standpoint, where does time spent exercising lie?


One thought on “workout time

  1. Kate Butler

    I’ve never done P90x but I have done Insanity… same sorta thing. In fact I’m doing Insanity again right now. Two months total, the 1st month the workouts are 35 min or so, the 2nd month they get up to an hour. I only have from 6-7am to workout. An hour is all I can give up at this point. I think trying to workout during the day is just giving up too much time… though I do it sometimes. But isn’t it the constant battle to figure out how to best manage time! I love working out and I think it needs to be done… but as far as time priorities go for me it has to be kept close to an hour and in the morning! But I’ve heard P90x is great. good luck!


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