I decided to join Pinterest (I know, hopelessly behind as usual) and like it or not, Facebook hooked me up with all of my friends who are also pinning.

Can I just be brutally honest? Pinterest is almost as dumb as Facebook. (Though not quite as dumb as Twitter.) I am only interested in maybe 1% of anything that anyone else is pinning. Of course I’m not talking about YOU. Everything you post is fascinating. But those of you who pin pictures of other women’s abs, stop that! I know you’re trying to inspire yourself to eat right and exercise, but I’ll just tell you right now, photoshopped skinny/bony/musclebound images are not going to help. It’s also not going to help when your next pin is a recipe with “cake batter” in the title. (That’s cake batter flavor, not actually cake batter to make a cake, in case you’re not up on the trend.)

I can’t figure out, in an era when everyone is “just so busy” (don’t you hear people saying that constantly?) how all of these people have time to create all of these pinboards. And don’t tell me that it’s just helping you organize your ideas and links, because web browsers have had bookmarks for years. No, this is a new category of time wasting. It might be fun, but it’s still mostly a guilty pleasure, not a new efficiency.

Oh, I’ll use the silly thing. It’s great for when I’m procrastinating and I’ve already checked Facebook. And I’m working on my own little (informal) rules for pinning, because just pinning everything that’s somewhat interesting willy nilly doesn’t seem useful, and I don’t really need more dessert recipes!

Pinning things is fun, though. I get it. And PLEASE tell me if you’re following someone who is particularly clever, because as I suspect is true with Twitter, that’s kind of the name of the game. Does anyone know if someone will get a notification if I “un-follow” them? Because I’m not a mean girl, but some of these people are already starting to bug.

PS The image is from Facebook. I tried, unsuccessfully, to find a source for the meme, but I do know that it was based on this blog, which is very funny but contains profanity.


8 thoughts on “pinterest

  1. Robin

    I agree, Pinterest is both annoying and fascinating. I actually do find it a helpful tool for school, since it makes it a lot easier to bookmark inspirational interior design ideas, or to put together color board pictures that I actually print out and use on assignments. It’s definitely a lot easier to have the visual bookmark than a regular bookmark, plus I would just run out of space in my bookmark folder for all the bookmarks I need!

    But yes, I can’t believe some of the boring/wacky/over the top crafty stuff that people pin. And I definitely can’t believe how many dessert recipes there are out there! Nor do I follow any link that says “500 ideas to…etc”. That just sounds like too much work. But I do like some of the hair tutorials and I also like to collect beautiful photography.

    For more interesting material, I suggest going outside of your own friends’ pins. They used to have a place you click on that would recommend “tastemakers” you could follow–which I assume means top people in the industry, magazine people, blog people, etc.–but I can’t find that option right now. But try just clicking on the “Everything” tab up at the top and pick a subject that interests you. You’ll get pins from everybody on Pinterest on that subject, not just your friends, and sometimes you can find someone there to follow that posts really interesting things. Of course, I don’t know why you would need anything more than the fascinating stuff I pin! ;)

    1. liz Post author

      Robin, I can definitely see its usefulness for an interior design student. I’ll certainly give you that one. And I didn’t know you could print out an entire board. That could be helpful for all sorts of things, though I can’t think of one right now…

  2. Katy

    I really do use Pinterest as a visual bookmark. I rarely spend my time on pinterest looking at what others have pinned. I usually pin things I see on someone’s blog and I want to remember later. I pin recipes I want to find later instead of having to search for it every time I want to make it. I went through all my bookmarks and pinned all my bookmarks, since a lot of times I hadn’t taken the time to put a good description in place. I don’t use it in place of Facebook and often wonder why some people are following me. It has become another social media like Facebook, trying to see how many followers we can gather.

    1. liz Post author

      Katy, you are smarter than 99.9% of the people on pinterest, I bet. The trick to all of these things is to use them in a way that they’re actually useful!

  3. Valerie Salin

    I must be in the .1% too….however just after reading your post I realized I had missed the idea of following people because then you could see their good ideas and therefore pin them yourself. So, does that put me back in the 99.9%? I would get these emails saying “so-and-so is following you on Pintrest” and I would think to myself, “Great! Where are we going?” ;)
    In all seriousness, I have loved the recipes and ideas for my kids.

  4. Andrea

    Don’t follow me then! I love checking out the food info. I let other pinners scour the internet for me and it’s helped me to find new recipe blogs to follow. I also use it to pin present ideas, which is generally easier and safer than writing a list and leaving it on my desk. I have also used it to check out stuff for my calling. But I am not a workout or ab crazy one! I agree with those weird pictures. I also hate when stuff shows up and it’s miss labeled. No, I don’t find Taylor Lautner ‘yummy’.

  5. Carla

    I follow Anne with an E’s blog and saw a link to this article. The graphic above is priceless as some people really use pinterest like that. I prefer to use it to organize photos of the blogs I read and have ideas I intend to come back to. It helps me to find new blogs I want to follow. I sometimes repin what others have pinned, but more often than not, I am adding new content from the blogs I read. I hate when people don’t reference the original source. Check out this link (which I found on pinterest) on how to find the original source of a photo – i works pretty well, although some people have reposted some pictures so much the original is no where to be found.


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