Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is in the summer here! (I know I’m always talking about this, but we’ve been here almost two years and the backwards seasons still feel so strange.) The kids don’t get to have a school party, and V-day isn’t a big holiday here, although more and more American traditions are creeping into their culture. (I actually feel kind of bad about that, but I’d feel better if someone would start importing conversation hearts…)

So, we had a party. Mary was thrilled, and I was exhausted. Yes, I made heart-shaped ice cubes. They were easy and cute. Mary and I made those fringey streamers, which were also easy and fool-proof — my kind of craft. And if these pictures look WAY better than my usual, it’s because they were taken by my darling new friend Dayna. That’s her cute little Jayne in several of the shots.


One thought on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Kira

    So cute! I just saw those streamers on pinterest today! :) love this frequent posting! Fun to see and hear how you guys are doing!


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