part 3 — montezuma’s revenge

[This is the third of three posts about my parents’ visit to Chile. Scroll down if you want to read them in order.]

Soon after returning from Argentina, my parents had the unfortunate, yet classic experience when traveling in South America. Ahem…traveler’s tummy. My dad fought it off in a day or so, but my mom didn’t feel herself for almost a month, long after she was home. We’re still not sure how this happened (Matt and I were fine, and none of us drank the water in Cordoba), but we did learn the drug name for Immodium in Chile! I felt bad that it cast such a shadow on their trip, and it definitely slowed down our sightseeing schedule, but they managed to brave a few more outings.Once again, dining at our kids’ favorite place, Johnny Rockets.We drove to the colorful port city of Valparaiso, and this interesting cemetery, to hunt for a piece of Mormon history. Parley P. Pratt, who is an ancestor of Matt’s, came to Chile in the 1850s, in the very early days of missionary work in the Mormon church. While here, his wife had a baby, who sadly died after only a month. Here is the marker for little baby Omner Pratt (added later, of course).What’s not to love about a day at the beach? We headed up the coast that day from Valparaiso to Viña del Mar. Except it was so cool that we forgot to sunscreen adequately and all came home a little toasty.We went to play at a favorite city park, Parque Araucano (they were adding some new sand that day, and let the kids play on the big pile, which PS wasn’t really safe).On their last day, Mom mustered enough energy to walk around Santiago’s historic center. (These are her pictures, which is why she isn’t in them.)I love this shot of Cerro Santa Lucia (right in downtown Santiago) — doesn’t it look exotic and lush? Perhaps I should pin it with my fancy new Pinterest account.Shopping for souvenirs (Santa Lucia marketplace) with my dad.

Oh how we loved having you here, Nana and Grandpa!

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