party party party

I’m not sure when I got to the point where I’m always two months behind on this thing. I keep aspiring to do better, but let’s be honest, it’s not the most important thing on my to-do list. Fun to look back at Christmas in February though, isn’t it?We really did keep Christmas simple this year. Didn’t travel. Reminded the kids that all of those trips we took this year were their presents. Put up this tiny tree. (No real trees here — I’ve heard it’s against the law, as well it should be since it’s dry and hot this time of year.) They all got some fun gifts though. And look at our delicious breakfast. That’s about $20 worth of bacon, (why is it so expensive here?) so live it up, kids!
Mary got some new doll clothes from Granny, and is loving the matching PJs.

Mary and I started P90X the week after Christmas. Here’s her before picture — mine will remain unpublished. Alas, my enthusiasm only lasted about 10 days. But now that my kids are back in school, I truly am starting again on Monday, so wish me luck!
We made newspaper boats one day, just like Curious George did in that one book. Thomas loved it and talked about it for days — “Mom, remember tomorrow [that means yesterday] when we made boats like George?” He isn’t pictured here because he was naked! Sorry if that TMI, but he was in the midst of potty training, and hallelujah, after 14 years, we are finished with diapers.
Mary turned 6, and we’re back at Johnny Rockets (I’m a little tired of that place) where the waitresses sing and dance. If you think her smile looks a little weird lately, it’s because the orthodontist is spreading her tiny top palate with a medieval torture device — supposedly this will save her from years of orthodontia in the future. We’ll let you know how that works out.
We made a Barbie cake, which I have to say looked pretty good, considering I am not, nor do I aspire to be, a maker of fancy cakes. Here’s a tip if you ever get roped into making one of these — two cake mixes! I have the Pampered Chef bowl that’s the perfect shape for her skirt, but I didn’t realize until it was too late that one cake mix wouldn’t be enough. We had to elevate the cake on a little bowl (that’s a ribbon hiding the bowl) so her feet would have somewhere to go. Poor Ben’s birthday got a little delayed by Christmas and Granny’s visit, so we celebrated a month later with a trip to Fantasilandia with a couple of buddies. How did he get to be 12? He’s going to a fancy shmancy Bat Mitzvah for a classmate this weekend and it seems like just yesterday he was playing with Thomas the Train.And my baby boy turned 3. You know what? I’m not sad about it! I know everyone likes to lament that their kids are growing up and wish that they could freeze time, etc., etc., but I am really excited for my kids to grow and change. That’s the point, people! And I’ve had babies and toddlers my entire adult life, so I’m ready to sleep uninterrupted and use the diaper budget for something else (actually, it’s probably going toward the teenage food budget, so no help there). I do kind of miss the time when Sam was this cute though. Maybe by the time Thomas is an awkward adolescent, there will be some cute grandkids? That sounds both exciting and terrifying.

P.S. That cupcake is left over from Ben’s party the day before. And I don’t feel bad about it at all. Also, Thomas is not wearing pants. Don’t feel bad about that either.


5 thoughts on “party party party

  1. Robin

    I can’t believe how big they’re all getting! When we were watching the family DVD, I was amazed especially at Mary looking so grown up! Well, relatively! Good luck with P90X!

  2. Sarah

    I have to keep telling myself that one day my kids will also be out of diapers. Until then, I think I’m keeping Amazon Mom in business! If you ever make another doll cake, you can get half Barbie’s that are designed for cakes. It’s just a torso on a stick, but you can put it in whatever size cake you want!

  3. Andrea

    I have to laugh about the Barbie cake. I made one for Liv’s birthday and used the same glass measuring cup with only one mix. I COULD NOT figure out how to make it work and ended up trying to cut the Barbie’s legs off. About the time I was headed for tears because I was so frustrated, Dave comes in, surveys the situation and calmly pops Barbie’s legs off. I wonder if that just never occurs to us girls, mostly because we have spent all of our time making sure our brothers don’t dismember our Barbies.


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