where we left off…

Did you miss me? I have no idea where two months goes these days. No idea. Actually, I know a little bit. Our awesome Granny came for a week, and then we had Christmas and New Year’s just like you, and then we spent the next two weeks doing almost nothing except swimming and watching Netflix.

Here’s what else:

Kermess at our school — a highlight of the year. A Kermess is a festival or fair to raise funds and all of the schools around here seem to have them. I had never heard the term before we lived in Chile, but if you want to read something interesting, go here. Because ours is an international school, Kermess consists of food booths hosted by many of the countries represented at the school, along with carnival games and some rides. The food is amazing. Tons of variety, and most is affordable and delicious.

Thanksgiving in Chile. Bunch of gringo Mormons. Tons of food. What, you didn’t swim on Thanksgiving? We met up with some dear old friends of my parents, the Kimballs, who are here as missionaries.Jonathan has excellent Webelos leaders here in Chile. He’s got a bunch of pins in that little baggy. Matt took Sam and Ben with a group from church on an overnight campout and hike.Thomas had a jungle-themed preschool program. Adorable. I can’t believe he’s been in preschool for an entire year. We love his teachers and he has cute little friends. Mary played the tambourine in her kindergarten Christmas program. We made fake gingerbread houses — constructed of cardboard, with all manner of cookies and candy stuck on with frosting. Thomas, not pictured, didn’t even pretend to decorate his. Just ate as fast as he could.Matt’s excellent mother, Vicki, came and we took her all over the place. Restaurants and shopping, a lovely day at the beach, lots of swimming, a little trip to a place with a cabin where apparently I didn’t take pictures, and the amusement park below. This is Matt’s company party at a place called Mampato. Their tagline is “Let’s Fun” and fun we did. The kids took Granny on all of their favorite rides, and then Santa came with presents for everyone. There were hot dogs and drinks and ice cream and a whole potato spiral-sliced and deep fried on a stick. Pretty much your perfect day if you’re a kid, right?

Our week with Granny went by so fast, and it was VERY SAD when she left, but thank goodness, Christmas was still to come…


6 thoughts on “where we left off…

  1. Sarah R.

    In Halifax they have the Kermess every year as a fundraiser for the children’s hospital, and I have really great memories of going as a kid. So, are those Kimballs friends of your parents from their Texas days? I continue to be jealous of your adventure!

  2. liz Post author

    Sarah, those are THE Texas Kimballs — don’t you know some of their kids? And that scout uniform is the official BSA issue, because we do their program, but he does have a Chilean flag on the other sleeve, where your council patch would usually go.

  3. Robin Brewer Lambert

    So…I was wondering…when they do scouts in Chile, is it just with the church, or is it a neighborhood thing? And do they call it the Boy Scouts of America? Or do they call it the Boy Scouts of Chile? (Aren’t you glad that you are having all of these great cultural experiences and that’s the one thing that I latch on to?)

    1. liz Post author

      Robin, the Church doesn’t do scouts in Chile, but there is a Chilean scouting program. Our kids do the American program as an activity after school — it’s chartered by the US Embassy, and run by moms at the international school. I actually know almost nothing about Chilean scouting or how it compares to the BSA.

  4. Kira

    I love to see how much your family is growing! Can’t wait to see everyone again in the summer. BTW, so jealous of the nice weather. Hope things are going well!


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