life is good

I’m not even trying to keep this blog up-to-date these days. You know it’s behind when there are three different birthdays and at least one holiday, all in one post. But isn’t a post full of miscellaneous pictures more fun?

Jon turned 9 in August. We celebrated by taking a bunch of his friends for overpriced American food at Johnny Rocket’s. He wanted butterscotch brownies instead of a cake — an old-school Nana Rozanna recipe. Yum.

Never a boring day at preschool in Chile. Here’s Thomas the “pirata.” He came home another day with newspaper taped to his back — a “super-heroe”.

Chilean Independence day, September 18th, is one of my favorite times of year here. The kids dress up and learn traditional dances and I go to school a million times (for all of the different grade levels) and try to take a decent picture and cry because I feel like we’re having a “Chile moment.” Jon was in the “devil dance” this year — one of the best ones! Very fun to watch.

Mary did a little dancing and played traditional games, before listening to an organ grinder (that’s traditional here — imported from Germany I guess?) and having a Chilean feast.
For the middle/high school program, you have to go early to get a seat, wait for the thing to start, sit through lots and lots of other numbers (the dancing is fun to watch, though) and then this is about all you see of your kid. That’s Sam in the middle. Ben was singing at the same time, but I couldn’t get close enough to zoom in on him. Story of my life.

Matt turned 40! Thanks to our fun friends who just had a similar celebration, we had these funny glasses, a hat, and black decorations — I had to explain the black to the kids, who don’t think 40 is very old, thank goodness!

Just like last year, we tried out the pool in September. It was a nice warm day, but the water was ice-cold.

Sam turned 14. He wanted brownies instead of a cake, too. Brilliant, really, because they’re delicious and so much easier to make. Made from scratch!

Sam was a part of this giant event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Chile. We were in a stadium full of about 25,000 people and the program was fabulous both in spirit and in execution. I really just can’t do it justice with my words nor my pictures, but it was an awesome experience in the true sense of that word. So lucky to be here and be having these moments!


3 thoughts on “life is good

  1. julie

    Who could keep up with a blog when you are actually living the blog? Amazing that you get it done at all! Love the pics–Sam is so old!! I love the picture with Mary putting her foot on the boy down on his knee–with a sort of glazed expression on his face!!


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