for your next family reunion

Our summer was all about re-uning, and I wanted to share that one of my favorite moments was when I convinced all of Matt’s family (anyone think I could get my family to do this?) to have a little dance party on the back patio. For some reason I didn’t take pictures that night (did someone take pictures I hope? Robin? Vicki?) but to me, it was one of the most fun things we did. We came up with a playlist of songs most people would know, and you’ll see that none of us are very hip, nor up-to-date:

I Like To Move It — from Madagascar
Love Shack — The B-52’s
Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) — Beyoncé
Surfin’ U.S.A. — The Beach Boys
Just Can’t Get Enough — Depeche Mode
Conga — Gloria Estefan
Celebration — Kool & The Gang
Macarena — Los del Río
Waka Waka (Esto es África) — Shakira
Y.M.C.A. — Village People
Who Let the Dog’s Out? — Baha Men
California Girls — The Beach Boys

The Macarena was surprisingly popular — next year we should add The Electric Slide. I think what made dancing together so fun was the wide variety of ages, from little toddlers to grandparents.

One funny thing — I have to tease my sweet mother-in-law a little bit. We lovingly refer to her as a “gusher” because of her tendency to lavish praise on people, and she kept singling out people she thought were good dancers — “Hey everyone, look at Sam!” At which point the person would turn red and stop dancing. There’s a reason most dances are done in semi-darkness! As hammy as this family can be, the desire for attention doesn’t extend to our dancing.

I saw a related idea on this blog, where you have each family member choose a favorite song before a big reunion, and then make a cd, which becomes the “soundtrack” for the entire reunion. I think that sounds like more work than what I did, but also a lot of fun.

Any other song suggestions for our next dance party? A lot of songs are good for listening, but hard to dance to. My dorky playlist above has become a favorite for my kids and we listen to it in the car, when cleaning our rooms, etc.


One thought on “for your next family reunion

  1. Anonymous

    I thought our dance party was one of the highlights of our staycation. I loved every minute of it–let’s do it again!


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