first day of school

Mary. Kindergarten. Pink for everything.

This looks like a timely post, since most of you have just started school, or are about to start, but we started school July 24.

Jonathan. 4th grade. NOT cute. My only kid in a uniform this year.

Keep in mind that July is the middle of winter here, so this would be like you starting school in the middle of January. It was cold, dark, and rainy that morning, which is why the “back to school” pictures are in the living room instead of on the front porch, or actually at school.

Benjamin. 6th grade. Middle school -- yikes.

We were pretty cheerful though — my secret weapon is making these chocolate chip pancakes, which my children wish I would make every day.

Sam. 8th grade. Taller than his mother and becoming a serious student (yes!).


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