Harry Potter 8

Here are some great things about the family I married into. Super creative and energetic people. Love of music and theater. Not worried about looking silly in front of each other (mostly). When Matt’s siblings were teenagers (he was a grown-up by then), there were a couple of Christmas vacations where they put together campy, hilarious movies, which his brother Andrew directed and starred in (think The Grinch, but with costumes from your mother’s basement). This summer, we convinced him to do it again, but now, instead of a couple of teenage siblings, he had 14 adults and 18 children to cast and direct. It was a big job, and because we were only together for three days, he stayed up until the wee small hours editing so that we could watch it together on the last day.

Oh, did we have fun. Andrew and his wife, Robin, came up with a Harry Potter sequel idea, with lots of silly plot twists, which was perfect since we all went to see the final HP movie together the night before, and because there were plenty of characters. Every child age 5 and up had a speaking part. I didn’t get a picture of everyone, but here are some of the stars:

Mary was Cho Chang.Captain Jack Sparrow was Mad-eye Moody. (That’s Matt’s brother Aaron, but you have to love the creative use of recycled Halloween costumes, right?) Andrew (is that a Moses costume? Or Jesus maybe?) managed to write, direct, shoot, and play Dumbledore (kind of like Robert Redford, right?). Wish I would have caught a picture with the beard on. This was near the end of our month-long vacation, and I was definitely photographed-out. Jon as Neville Longbottom (or Oliver Twist). I swear this kid should be in movies. Look at that face.Hey, you’d cry too if your mother was Bellatrix LeStrange. These two were a hoot — especially when Chris whispered to Holly something like, “I think you may be overdoing it!” Matt had a lot of fun playing Voldemort (typcasting?)… Beware the house elves, Voldemort.
And Harry Potter himself. How cute is Sam? (My boys keep telling me to stop saying things are cute, especially them, but it’s hard to stop.)

I really wish I had a picture of every cast member. Matt’s mom was Dolores Umbridge and was unbelievably good (Did you know she used to be a star for reals?). Dan as Hagrid and Amy as Professor Trelawney will be forever in my memory, but truly, there were memorable moments for everyone. What fun — thanks again, Andrew.


4 thoughts on “Harry Potter 8

  1. Wayne Cowley

    Having just viewed the latest HP flick, I was impressed with the type casting in your family. What part did you play, Liz?
    You are blessed to be part of a fun family. When do you publish the family flick?? Looking forward to the grand showing. Are you going to post it on YouTube?

    1. liz Post author

      Hey Wayne, you guys have a real film-maker in your family — imagine what you could do for your next reunion! I was Rita Skeeter, the reporter. I think the finished movie is too long to put on youtube — we’re still waiting for the director’s final cut. No word on international distribution yet…


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