snow day

It’s crazy enough that it’s winter in August here, but this is a fairly freakish amount of snow for Santiago. I saw A LOT of Chileans taking pictures of themselves in it, and I’m not talking pictures of little kids, I’m talking gardeners and maintenance people who wanted to remember this day. The driving was a little scary, and after a couple of hours of pretty good accumulation, the school emailed at mid-day to tell us to come early if possible. Guess what? The traffic was so bad, I got there at the usual time anyway.

I had sent the kids off in their usual hoodies in the morning — they almost never find it cold enough to wear a coat here, though Chileans bundle their kids up like Ralphie in A Christmas Story — and of course no one had waterproof shoes on, so we were all pretty cold and damp by the time we got home. Mary was the only one who felt like putting on snow clothes to play, but Thomas soon got the idea and wanted to join her.Utah laughs at this amount of snow — can’t remember one snow day in the five years we were there  — but you have to love the irony of the snowy lounge chairs and “luxurious” pool in the background. I dared the big boys to do a polar bear swim — 30 bucks, I said — but no one was that stupid.


One thought on “snow day

  1. casaqueltehue

    Oh I know, my boys are the same, so they were at school in just their hoodies, and since we left Scotland we seem to have developed this attitude that we don’t need wellie boots anymore either. Nico’s shoes took 3 days to dry out!


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