Summer in Utah wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Lagoon, and we had a great day. So many of the events on our big trip were made easier (and therefore more fun) by Matt’s mother, Granny Vicki, being willing to tag along with us. There’s just nothing better than an extra adult. She had fun, too. The boys convinced her to do some rides I don’t think she typically would have done, and she convinced them to sit through a couple of shows, which they enjoyed way more than they thought they would. Here’s another slide show (slide shows aren’t my favorite but are so much faster than posting individual pictures when you have a bunch):

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And here are a few fun things I want to remember:Jon and I decided that one of the “pros” of him being on the small side is that he can choose between “big kid” and “little kid” rides. He did some of both, and Thomas and Mary loved having him be their helper for part of the day.We were in line for a ride when Sam noticed these guys behind us — they’re the makers of the “Kid History” videos on Youtube, which you might want to check out (very popular with my tweens). They ended up getting wet with us in one of those round rafts, so that was pretty fun.Well Ben, why don’t you tell us how you really feel? Not happy, clearly, about sitting down to watch a show instead of riding rides, which he is pretty passionate about. He shut right up when the show started as it was fairly impressive (my pictures don’t really do it justice):This teenage kid has a summer job as the little train conductor, and inserted himself into our picture without our asking — I got a kick out of how much he was enjoying shouting “all aboard!” and blowing the whistle. Might as well make it fun, right?

Overall, a great day. I convinced my kids that we didn’t need to do Lagoon-A-Beach this time (Lagoon is an amusement park with a water park inside it) and I think it made the day more fun — no wet swimsuits and lots more time for riding the rides. If you’ve been reading all of my vacation posts, are you tired yet? I’m tired just looking at everything we did!


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