a BIG reunion

As many of you know, one of my personality flaws is that I never remember to take pictures. Sometimes, it’s on purpose because I just want to be at the event enjoying it, instead of documenting it. But, I am almost always sorry later. For this reason, when my extended family (aunts, uncles, and cousins on my father’s side) had a reunion this summer after more than 10 years, Matt took my camera and went around taking pictures the entire time. I kind of rolled my eyes at him for doing this, but really, what else was he going to do at a park full of people he only marginally knows? And of course, now I am grateful for the pictures. ¬†It was an emotional day. My grandparents on that side both died while I was in high school, and while my father and his siblings try to get together every year or so, there were a lot of long-lost cousins for me to hug. After the park, some of us headed to the old family farm house, which is in disrepair and kind of sad, and then on to the cemetery where the grandparents (and two baby siblings of mine) are buried. I was grateful to re-connect to that place and those people, who feel close in spite of miles and years apart.

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One thought on “a BIG reunion

  1. Andrea

    I agree with you about wanting to enjoy the event instead of documenting it. I am one of the few ‘lame’ moms at my girls’ schools without the fancy camera and the big lens documenting. The nice thing is those ladies are usually willing to share, thus getting the best of both worlds, nice pics and enjoyment of the day.


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