Oregon, my Oregon

The pictures from our week in Oregon make me feel like such a lucky person. My kids are lucky too. These were taken at Lake of the Woods, where we helped Grandpa get the cabin opened up for the season. Late this year, because it had been so cold and wet. There was a little barfing in Oregon — see Mary’s bucket? — which wasn’t so lucky, but it didn’t get around to everyone, which was lucky. We had a phenomenal visit to Nana and Grandpa’s little farm on the way home from the lake. There are three baby calves still being fed by hand (Grandpa uses a bucket with a nipple on it) to watch, beautiful chickens to admire with eggs to gather, and then Uncle Brian showed up and told us that there were bees swarming and we should come and watch him capture them. It’s a little hard to see what was happening, but that last photo is him holding up a branch he has just cut covered with hundreds (thousands?) of bees. Then he tapped and shook them into one of his bee boxes. Aren’t we lucky to have a Grandpa with a farm? There were cookies to eat, lots of swimming, sleepovers with cousins, ice cream and lots of other good eats, watering with Nana, and so much more to do.

We needed one last visit to the calves, to look at the horses, and ride Grandpa’s “trecker”, which was new to us this year. So lucky! How many kids have a grandpa with a trecker? It was a busy week for Nana, because we were getting ready for our big family reunion in Idaho, but such a good time. The day after this, Nana got in the minivan with us (Granny Vicki had flown back to Utah) to make the long drive to Idaho, proving that these lucky kids have two grandmothers full of energy, patience and a lot of love.


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