Round about the middle of June, there were a couple of weeks where school was finishing, I was trying to get organized for our huge trip, and there was an event to go to almost every day. There was a 7th grade science fair (sorry — the iPhone photos are going to be obvious, I’m afraid):

There was a 5th grade graduation, the last day in this fine uniform:

There was a 3rd grade “Poetry Cafe” during which I didn’t take any decent pictures for some reason — probably the same reason I didn’t notice this kid’s hair before he left the house that morning: There was a preschool program, complete with preschool parent paparazzi, who blocked every one of my shots but this one:

And of course there’s always this cute little soul, who was (mercifully) home with the nana, or at preschool for most of the above: Now can someone tell me if there’s something I can do to improve my iPhone photographic skills, or is this just as good as it gets? I’ve gotten a little lazy about toting my camera places, but now I realize the phone isn’t a very good substitute.


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