April 2011 — better consistency

Because what we need is for things to be smoother.

Did you notice that I didn’t post a goal for April? Here we are in May, ready to get back on the proverbial wagon. April was a doozy — really, March was too.

One of my kids asked the other day why we hadn’t made a family goal for April and in one of my finer parenting moments, I looked him right in the eye and told him that my goal for April was not to have a nervous breakdown. I also had a charming conversation with my husband around that time, wherein he asked, “Can I do something to help you?” And keeping in mind that his recent travel has been around 50% of the time, and his working hours when in town start before the rest of us are up, and end well after dinnertime, I smiled weakly at him and answered, “Valium?”

Clearly, not a good place. Around that time I read an article about how many behavioral and mental problems in children can be treated by simply treating their mother’s depression/anxiety/fill-in-the-blank. No pressure, though.

My mental health aside, we did need a month to “catch up”. No point in continuing to set bigger, better goals when we can’t keep up with the old ones, right? We set up a new job chart here, and have linked our chores to our screen time for now. Some of our chores are more like a reminder to work on a goal, like learning a new Spanish word every day, or eating at least five fruits and vegetables. Time will tell, but the online chore chart is kind of fun, and we hope it helps us be more consistent.

And PS, I really am fine. I had over-extended myself in several ways, and now it’s better.


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