a wedding and a funeral

Our first bunny Charlie died last week. Sad for our kids. Isn’t it interesting to see different kids’ reactions at times like this? Some of ours are way, way more sensitive than others. Burying him was a bit of an event, because he was pretty big — about like a medium-sized cat — and there’s no place in our yard where we could dig a hole without wrecking the landscaping (we’re renters, remember?). Also, we don’t have a shovel, as all of our tools are in storage back home. So shovel borrowed, location scouted, hole dug, kind words shared.

I had some guilt about the untimely death, because I’d realized a few days before that he had been gnawing on some loose wires in his cage, but I hadn’t really done anything about it, and then after a day or two, we noticed he wasn’t eating anything…

Jonathan documented the burial with his camera. Charlie was his bunny, and now we’re discussing whether to get another bunny or try something else, like a hamster. We still have cute Linus, who doesn’t seem to miss Charlie. (Charlie was always trying to mate with him!)


That same Saturday, Matt and I had the immense pleasure of attending a wedding. Here in Chile, there are lots of days that feel just like any other day. But, we have these sublime moments when I can’t believe I’m here, and this was one of those moments.

Isn’t this church just lovely? It’s the real traditional, Catholic deal, with nuns running around to set things up. We drove about an hour out of the city to get there. It was pretty rural and felt like another world.

I arrived dressed for an afternoon church wedding in my world — crisp white blouse, cute summery skirt — and was totally out of place! Everyone else looked like they were dressed for a night club. See that girl in the red, bottom left? That’s what the BRIDESMAIDS wore. Note to self: wear black next time, no matter what the season.

I didn’t take any pictures inside the church, because it just felt inappropriate to me, but other people were snapping away. Towards the end of the ceremony it was a like a red-carpet/paparazzi scene. Is that normal for a wedding nowadays? I’m trying not to impose my cultural ideas on others, but I’m sorry, I just didn’t like that. I found the nuptual mass moving, and the words of the priest (most of which I actually understood!) inspiring — it was a sacred event, and the cameras seemed out of place.

After the ceremony, we drove to a nearby event center, where they had this lovely spot near a pond all set up for the cocktail hour. The bride and groom rode in on a horse-drawn carriage (I was not at the best angle to capture the moment, as you can see.) We don’t actually know the bride nor the groom — Matt works with the father of the bride, and was one of several colleagues invited to the wedding. It was a pretty traditional Chilean wedding, I think, but the groom is Canadian, so there were lots of other gringoes there and lots of back-and-forth English and Spanish.

We sat at tables under umbrellas, and were served every Chilean dish I’ve ever had as an appetizer — pebre with sopaipillas, empanadas, ceviche, pastel de choclo, and several other things I’m forgetting. Delicious. Matt talked shop with his work people, while I tried valiantly to have a conversation in Spanish with their wives — some of the wives and all of the work guys speak English, so they stopped once in awhile to translate something for me. I should have taken their picture — lovely people, all.

Following the cocktail hour, they ushered us into a traditional Chilean arena — a medialuna — for a rodeo! I’m pretty sure this isn’t typical for a Chilean wedding, but because of the Canadian guests (I think 50 or so people flew down for the wedding), the bride’s family wanted to share as much Chilean culture as possible.

The reception was in a giant tent:

Lovely food. Cute little boxes with personalized m&m’s. After dinner and toasts, the music cranked up and suddenly the nightclub attire made sense. We were pretty entertained watching people who are maybe 5-10 years younger than we are and take their dancing VERY seriously, but after a short time, we headed home. We were apologetic (the father of the bride assured us that a group would be going for breakfast after a few more hours of dancing!) but we had a babysitter to relieve, and church the next morning. Even so, by the time we returned home we’d been gone for 8 hours. This was an all-day event, and we felt lucky to have been there.

One thought on “a wedding and a funeral

  1. Julietta

    I am caught up now! Your kids are so big! I love the pictures from the wedding–such an event! It looks like everyone is happy and well!


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