la playa

Chileans love the beach! This was a lovely spot, and was pretty crowded the Saturday before Chilean schools started, but not so crowded that it wasn’t an enjoyable day. We brought these boys with us (Matt works with the young men at church):

Aren’t they cute? They had a great time. I was cold! It was sunny, but windy, and wild dogs couldn’t have gotten me into the water: The cold water never stops our kids though.I was so pleased that the people sitting next to us were friendly — we socialize with actual Chileans far less than we should/would like to, and they let me practice my bad Spanish on them. They had a one-year-old baby and were completely charmed by Thomas and Mary, who were happy to show them what big kids do at the beach by playing with all of their stuff!You can sort of see our new friends in that picture. I’m always afraid to ask other people if I can take their picture, but I need to get over it. We love the people here and want to remember them. Also, I don’t see any pictures of Jon and Ben from that day — they had a great time too. Ben loves the beach and was in the water the entire time. Jon spent a lot of time building sandcastles, but was down the beach a little, and I was busy wrangling the little guys — Thomas is kind of fearless around the water, and you have to really watch him!


One thought on “la playa

  1. cindy baldwin

    I stumbled across your blog from Bloom, and have enjoyed reading about your adventures in Chile this morning! I may not have 1000 friends to introduce to your blog (ha), but I wanted to let you know that I’ve enjoyed it!


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