Just a little over a year ago, when we told our kids we were moving to Chile, one of the boys took it a little harder than the others. (I don’t think it was so much the Chile part as the moving away from his friends part.) He was, in fact, kind of hysterical. As the discussion went on and on and he (eventually) began to calm down, he wondered if we could go to Lagoon (Utah’s amusement park) before we left, and a lightbulb went on in my head. Surely a city as big as Santiago had an amusement park.  A quick google search, and everyone was happily distracted by the amusement park map and trying to translate the names of the attractions.

A couple of weeks ago, we finally made good on the promise of a day at Fantasilandia. It’s remarkably similar to a North American amusement park (more like a Lagoon than a Disneyland — smaller and older) and full of overpriced bad food and tacky concessions, just as you would expect. The favorite activity for our kids was standing where the log ride comes down and splashes you. No one wanted to wait in the long line for the actual ride; they were happy enough to be drenched by the splash. Ben is the only one of our kids who likes “scary” rides, and spent the whole day jockeying for another roller-coaster ride, and I remembered right off the bat how much I dislike anything that spins me around. A fun day.


2 thoughts on “fantasilandia

  1. Cleo pedemonte

    Hi guys, love the post. We are moving from Australia to Chile in December 2015. Are you still living there? 😀 Xx cleo


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