at the theater

I had a “what is this world coming to?” moment last night at the movie theater. I was there with some friends to see The Tourist (we can almost always see movies in English with Spanish subtitles, except for cartoons which are usually dubbed). When I walked out of the movie I glanced at the “Now Playing” posters and saw this:

I did a double take, because I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the trailers for both movies, and only when I saw the posters side-by-side did I realize that they’re TWO DIFFERENT MOVIES. F for creativity Hollywood. And did we really need to see two sets of young actors half-dressed on the wall next to Yogi Bear? Some of us have teenage sons, people! Did anyone else notice that these two seem to have almost the exact same premise?

And while I’m on this rant, I don’t frequently go to R-rated movies, but on cable TV here (just the basic package, no paid stations) they don’t edit them at all, so you can catch glimpses of something just channel surfing. I know, I’m a sheltered girl, but it’s a little mind-blowing. I’ve watched a few minutes of something several times which appears to just be a light romantic comedy, and suddenly it’s pornographic, and I’m not using that term lightly. It’s a little hard for me to understand self-respecting actors wanting to be naked on the big screen — is that really good for your career, Miss Princess Diaries? Maybe it is.

On the bright side, I fell for The Tourist hook, line, and sinker. I was actually a little surprised that the critics didn’t. Beautiful scenery, entertaining plotline, and Angelina Jolie looks utterly amazing. I don’t even really like Angelina Jolie, but whoever styled her for this movie should get an award, because you just can’t take your eyes off of her hair, her clothing, and her face in every single scene. This movie was relatively clean (no sex! only a little violence!) and I think my 13-year-old would enjoy it.

We also enjoyed the last movie we saw, Hereafter, which was much deeper and more thought-provoking. I didn’t hear much about it, but Matt and I thought the writing and acting were quite good. It was a little funny, because some of the scenes are set in France, and the people (unlike the typical Hollywood movie) actually speak in French. Since we saw it here in Chile, the subtitles for the French parts were in Spanish, which means I can get the gist, but not the subtleties of a conversation. Still an excellent movie.

So two to ignore, and two to add to your rental list. Any you can recommend? We’ve finally got babysitting-age kids, so spontaneous movie nights are easier to manage — yay!


4 thoughts on “at the theater

  1. Sarah

    We loved True Grit. It was wonderful and smart. Since we canceled cable we’ve been watching some Telemundo (they get better movies), but there is some horrible stuff. Forget Spanish T.V., regular t.v. is horrible most of the time. I sometimes catch myself watching a show and then getting sucked in and not realizing how bad it gets.

  2. Jill


    I’m with ya on all the crap currently available via the movie theater. What’s hard with my husband is he loves slap stick humor or action flicks. I’m more of a drama/love story gal. Complicate this by the fact that he LOVES to go to the movies and that interests me very little. I am too focused on the calculated costs (ie. ticket-$15, babysitter-$40, usually a treat/dinner-$40). I loved The Tourist and was convinced it was given poor reviews because it was clean. Now that we have a DVR our movie watching at home has become revolutionized. Plus, Brian got a big TV for Christmas and it is fun to watch movies at home. Right now, my only goal is to stay awake in movies. Give me a dark place with comfy seat and even a 30 minute sitcom becomes difficult. Right now, I get all the action/drama/and love story in my favorite TV show…Castle:)

  3. Kate

    We liked True Grit too. Very clean, some violence. And since I’m thinking about it… we really liked that movie Australia… we even got it through netflix to watch again.

  4. Julietta

    Hey Liz,
    You would not think those movies would even come here, but they do. Although the life-size poster had permanent marker over Natalie’s thighs. All the other posters are left alone. The title and subtitle were just as bad. Anyway, we don’t go to lots of movies here but we loved True Grit.


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