birthday birthday

Mary turned 5 last week, and since she’d outgrown her bike, we took a deep breath and bought her one (things like bikes are about twice as much here in Chile, but it’s pretty hard to bring a bike on the plane). And I’m sorry, but is that not the cutest little girl bike you’ve ever seen? She kind of wanted a princess one, but I think she’ll thank me in a couple of years. And besides, I bought her some of those stupid light up glittery shoes, so it was my turn to choose. I did let her choose the hue for that frosting. And please notice the sad cake, which fell apart when I got it out of the pan. I blame it on my oven — ovens here are notoriously inconsistent. It was still delicious. Recipe here.It has nothing to do with her birthday, but I love this picture. The dress was in our costume box, and even Matt, who is pop-culture challenged, responded correctly when I said, “Quick, name the TV character.” And extra cute with the matching bandaid and her new skinny jeans which she wears everyday even though it’s way too hot for them. And a couple of days after this was taken, we realized she had head lice, which was NOT CUTE AT ALL. And we’re back to cute. No one thought Thomas needed any new toys for his second birthday, but everyone thought our bunny Charlie needed a friend. Baby bunnies grow much faster than baby humans, so this one must have been pretty young when we bought him. So sweet. His name is Linus — you know, because he’s Charlie’s friend. He looks a lot like Charlie — Matt says all the ones with different coloring were girls, and we are not having baby bunnies! Had to post the pretty cake picture as a remedy to my constantly-tacky photography. The bottom one Jon took with his Christmas camera, and it would have been great if he would’ve been listening when I said, “Just let me move this cup out of the picture.” I guess I should learn photoshop.


One thought on “birthday birthday

  1. Jill

    Happy birthday kids! Cute pics. Love the new bunny…but you could have taken ours home with you! I am so over the bunny because of the required care and smell. But it is pretty cute when it literally plays tag with our dog!


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