The maid told me today that I need a lot of help.

To be fair, she didn’t mean it as an insult — she was reminding me that she’ll go on maternity leave soon, and I’m sure she was hinting around because she has a friend or family member who needs a job. (I am asked constantly if I need someone, which is one of the reasons to have a maid here. There truly are lots of people who need a job.) And there’s a little language barrier, which I’ve noticed frequently makes people seem more blunt than they actually are. Still, it stung a little. I’ve told her before that in the U.S. I didn’t have any help, and she can’t figure out how I possibly managed. Answer: my house was a lot dirtier.

But it’s true that even with her help, there are things I am way behind on. What I need (yes this is just an excuse) is a husband who is home more. Anne and I were talking today about these women who have started blogs and gotten to a level of success where their husband quits his job and just helps manage the blog and the household. Would your husband be able to handle that? I think Matt would quit his job if there was some way for him to realistically do so — not because he hates his job, but because he fantasizes about having more free time.

So here’s my idea. If everyone that reads this blog would recruit 1000 more people to read it, we’d be in business. Could you get right on that? And while we’re at it, are you all reading Bloom? Because that’s a blog that really is worth reading, and I’d love to see it “boom” and create a little income for its owners (not why they started it, by the way, but what young mother wouldn’t love a little extra income?).


3 thoughts on “help!

  1. Kira

    When you guys move back to the states I’d say Matt need to negotiate a little extra money for you to keep a maid! Especially if he still has to travel so much. It’s only fair, right?

  2. Jill

    Brian, Andrew, Elizabeth, Sophie, and Ethan have a maid (me) and also a helper twice weekly (Jeavoni). I would dare say it’s time for me to get a mini-me. When’s cloning happening?


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