feeling grateful

Since arriving back in Chile, Matt was home for a few days with us, then gone all last week, home for two days, and leaving again in the morning. When I look back at this time of our lives, I know the biggest challenge I’ll remember will be his frequent absence from us. I’m pretty used to his travel, and can keep things rolling pretty well without him, but we miss him like crazy when he’s gone.

Also, we had a couple of vehicular setbacks yesterday, neither of which was tragic, but still very annoying. And the cake I made this morning for Mary’s birthday (tomorrow) fell apart when I tried to get it out of the pan. I know it doesn’t really matter, but isn’t that the worst feeling?!

I have a new job at church working with the kids in Primary, which means figuring out ahead of time exactly what I want to say each week (which drives me crazy because I’m a very off-the-cuff person) and then translating it into Spanish. I try to deliver it in Spanish convincingly, but also say everything in English for the gringo kids, and it’s pretty hard to keep everyone’s attention and actually teach a gospel principle in a way they’ll remember, which is the whole point, right?

So I sat down in church this morning feeling pretty stressed out. And then I looked around at the beautiful, warm Chileans, as well as our few American friends who would quite literally give us the shirts off their backs, and was instantly reminded of what an amazing blessing it is to be here. Here we are in this beautiful, warm, exotic place, and I see in the faces of these people how much God loves us all.

P.S. You should totally come visit us. While it’s been frigid in Utah, we’ve had lovely, sunny, summer days, which are hot but not too hot, and nights that are cool enough for restful sleep with open windows. It’s pretty darn perfect weather.

P.P.S. Cool evenings are perfect for night swimming, until you get out — brrrrr — leading to scenes like this (the big boys have their suits on!):

P.P.P.S. Two ipods for Christmas has us a little obsessed at the moment, leading to this, frequently (adorable):

Our kids’ current favorite music is Beethoven’s Wig, which my sister Kathryn introduced us to years ago — famous classical pieces with very funny words (the unadulterated pieces are on the album too). Great way to get kids interested in classical music. There are four albums now. Highly recommend.


One thought on “feeling grateful

  1. Jill

    Liz thinking of you translating for your weekly primary lessons exhausts me. You are amazing! I love the tub pic too! Wish I could dip in a hot bath too!


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