Did you hear? The new thing is not to make actual resolutions, but to choose a word or a theme for the year. I’ve been making fun of this trend the past couple of years, and now I’m getting on the bandwagon.

My theme for 2011 is better.

I feel like our family has been in crisis mode for a long time.  Pregnant (nauseous/tired), nursing around the clock, moving, repeat.  For about twelve years. Sure, there were more-productive pockets of time in between, which we filled up with remodeling projects. And extra, emotionally draining pregnancies.  And recently, excessive business travel (Matt), followed by this life-changing move to a foreign country.

And I guess you could make a case for life always being some sort of crisis, or one stressful period followed by another, especially a life raising children. But for me, I’m finally to a more peaceful moment. No more babies on the horizon, settled in Chile for at least two more years, kids almost all in school. And, please don’t think I’m trying to gloat, but my workload is a little less right now. I have help with cooking, cleaning, yard work, and sometimes even with kids. I can breathe.

Now that I have a minute to think, after all of these years of working so hard, there are things that I just know we can do better. As a family. Important things.  Knowing that changes take time, and sometimes a little pain, we’re going to try to pick one thing each month.  And do it better. Let you know how it goes.


One thought on “better

  1. Kira

    I like it. Picking a word as a way to set goals is right up my alley. Good luck. I’d love to hear what things you guys decide to work on.


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