my first glacier

The blue, blue sky…the varying hues of the water…the dramatic and varying geography…Patagonia is one of many places on earth which people refer to as “God’s Country.” It is breathtaking, and I can’t believe I had the chance to go there.

We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of our pictures — imagine how pretty they’d be if we had a really great camera! I’ve never used a slideshow on my blog before (because I almost never take the time to watch one on someone else’s blog) but it seemed appropriate for these. Let me know if you actually watch the whole thing. Scroll down to the previous post for a few more travel details.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


8 thoughts on “my first glacier

  1. Kim Guthrie

    AMAZING pics Liz!! I watched the whole thing and loved every pic – was thinking what a great scrapbook page(s) it would make! Tell everyone hi! Miss u guys!

  2. Danielle

    I watched the whole thing. Gorgeous pictures…what an amazing opportunity! And I think that while nice cameras are sure fun, its really the photographer that matters when it comes to good pictures. Well done!

  3. Debbie Kienle

    Watched the whole thing as well. Absolutely beautiful! It must have also been wonderful having your husband all to yourself!

  4. andrewalma

    Very cool pictures. Glad you had the chance to get away, thanks to a babysitter who traveled thousands of miles. :-)


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