pretty cute




Outside the box cute (he’s a bank robber).

Pretty much outgrown cute — I told him this was his last year to trick-or-treat!

Funny things about trick-or-treating in Chile: It’s Spring instead of Fall, so not only was it warm enough that everyone was sweaty in their costumes, but it was light until after we got home. No pumpkins to carve (didn’t really miss that big messy project). And the kids got a huge amount of candy, but none of it was good! Just little wrapped hard things — mini candy bars are too expensive here.

Our neighborhood has around 100 houses, and the boys would not stop until they had hit each one — no cold, wet, weather to deter them. I think it took about 3 hours, and Mary wouldn’t let me take her home, either, even though her little feet were exhausted. Thomas stayed in the stroller for the first few houses, but then got the concept, and followed the others to each door — he even said “gracias.”

This morning I offered to buy their candy, and Jon said, “Ok, $50.” We settled on five cents per candy.


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