sometimes it’s just tacky

Have you seen the Glee GQ?  Maybe this is old news by now (I’m often one step behind on US news, though I do listen to NPR most days), but just thought all of my favorite Glee fans should see it. I have to say, I’m getting to a point where things like this don’t surprise me very much — aren’t you? And we’re lying to ourselves if we don’t acknowledge how provocative that show is, in between our favorite show tunes. All I want to add to the discussion is that I think it’s a little pointless to get outraged by the hyper-sexualized culture we live in. It’s how things are, and while we can make choices for ourselves and our families, we aren’t going to change the culture, no matter how popular Glenn Beck gets (yikes). We can only make our own culture in our own homes. So does this make you feel like you should stop watching Glee?


4 thoughts on “sometimes it’s just tacky

  1. Sarah

    I have to say, I have watched the first couple of episodes of each season and then I stop because it gets to be too much for me. Even though I know the actors playing the roles are adults, I also know that they’re portraying high school students and teachers. For me, there’s just too much that’s inappropriate. I listen to the Glee Pandora station. This way I get my fix of show tunes without feeling like I need to take a shower!

    1. Mariann

      I have never seen “Glee” and have no idea what the fuss is, except I am curious at the shows about teens these days. I don’t know any teens who behave the way they are portrayed on TV.

  2. Robin

    There have been some episodes of Glee that have actually offended me (and I really don’t get offended all that easily at TV shows and pop culture) to the point that I swear I will never watch the show again. And then the next week, I watch it, and the music and raw emotion are absolutely incredible and I am very moved by it. For instance, I H-A-T-E-D the Britney Spears episode, both plot and music, but the episode where Kurt’s dad had a heart attack was really really good, especially his version of “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” The talent in that show is truly amazing.

    Unfortunately yes, they feel like they have to cater to certain expectations of pop culture, which is as you say hyper-sexualized. It’s the same culture that makes it absolutely impossible for any self-respecting woman over the age of, oh, ten, to buy a Halloween costume she would be willing to wear in public. Do I think those pictures are ridiculous and offensive? Absolutely. Will I give up watching Glee because of them? No.

  3. anne

    1. Not surprising from GQ. But sheesh, Lea Michele has some ultra sexualized shots in there, and, after all, she portrays a sixteen year old.

    2. However, no the GQ shoot is essentially no less inappropriate than the show itself. I have been a HUGE Glee fan from the beginning, but have watched it go from occasionally crass to blatantly immoral and disgusting. I am not kidding when I tell you that I had three distinct impressions during general conference that said: “You need to give up Glee.” Pretty much it was my number one guilty pleasure. But I can’t in good conscience teach the young women at church about virtue and then support a show like that. Sometimes I will watch a recorded episode on fast forward. In other words, only watch the musical numbers, which is pretty fun. The singing and staging and choreography and costuming are all brilliant and sometimes really inspiring.

    3. I am now determined to create a show that is equally awesome musically/etc. but not gross. I’ll be pitching it to ABC any day now…


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