preschool program for Chilean independence

I have been to manymanymany preschool programs in my time, and I can’t remember ever being quite this delighted.  Mary knew the songs (some in Spanish, some to “teach English”) and the dances (note the fancy footwork, and the sweet “hugging dance” below).  We loved the costumes and the backdrop. Noah was enjoying himself a little less than Mary and Owen.  Are you impressed that I not only remembered to bring my camera, but that I remembered to take more than one picture?  Next time I need to get more pictures of the teachers — Chileans, as a rule, are a little more reserved than most Latin Americans, but not when they’re teaching preschool.  It’s sometimes hard to decide who to watch, my child or the teachers.  They sing, they dance, they are darling and entertaining.  And the kids are cute too.


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